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The David Jones Teacher Mentoring Program
New York, Zürich & Cambridge

New York City
June 5 & 6, 2015

Performing Space / Beethoven Pianos
211 West 58th St.

(1 block from Carnegie Hall)

For Registration, Contact
Tamara Haskin:
Tkhaskin [at] aol [dot] com

The David Jones Teacher Mentoring Program was established in London in 2008 to offer teachers and singers information regarding the Swedish-Italian and Italian Singing Schools.

The purpose of the seminar series is to offer teachers the opportunity to observe technical teaching in a public setting, offering information based on Old World teaching principles.

There will be specific subject matter covered, e.g., dramatic voices, diagnosing vocal damage, or training tenor voices. At this seminar, one section will be devoted to Wagnerian Voices.

Both teachers and singers are welcome.
Jones Master Class


Masterclass in Zürich
with David Jones

January 17, 2015
from 2 pm to 6pm

Location: Singsaal Allmed,
Kirchweg 113 ,8102 Oberengstringen.
Seat reservation, registration and further information:

Masterclass in Cambridge, UK
with David Jones

January 25, 2015
from 2 pm to 6pm

Seat reservation, registration and further information:
info [at] annderenais [dot] com

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New York Teacher
Mentoring Program Flyer

David Jones Seminar

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